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Dunlopillo - Hasting
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  • - Silpure-A Thomson Research technology.
    In the late 19th century,scientists discovered that silver reduces the growth and reproduction of bacteria.Silver was quickly adopted in medications,especially for eye infections and burns.Today,the silver technology is used to fight bacteria.Developed by Thomson Research Associates,Silpure applies the anti-bacterial properties of silver to textiles.
    -The science behind Silpure.
    Silpure is applied during the manufacture of the textile,at the finishing stage for more complete protection.The particles of silver are physically bonded on the surface of the fabric by the unique Silpure technology and remain active during the useful life of the fabric.Tests have proven Silpure to be consistently effective,with no tendency to cause discoloration or affect the feel,appearance or wear-resistance of the fabric.Durability is also excellent with tests proving that Silpure gives continuous protection for the life of the textile,even after many detergent washes.
    -A healthier sleep with Silpure.
    Bacteria can develop quickly in a warm and humid environment.The Silpure treatment fights odour-causing bacteria to keep your Dunlopillo mattress cleaner,fresher and free of unpleasant odours for a more comfortable,healthier sleep.
    -Dunlopillo Hasting
    -19cm of Dunlopillo's Individual Pocketed Spring,combined with UK Talalay Latex for plush comfort and superb support,finished with a 10cm Box Top to create a plusher,more luxurious feel.
    -UK Talalay Latex outperforms ordinary latex in terms of support,comfort and durability.The inherent hypo-allergenic and anti-microbial properties of latex inhibit the growthof bacteria,fungi and dust mites,making latex mattresses ideal for allergy sufferers.The unique Talalay process creates a galaxy of 250,000 interconnecting air cells in every cubic inch of latex to provide a natural airing system that keeps the mattress well-ventilated,fresh and dry.
    -Dunlopillo's signature pocketed springs are placed in a parallel arrangement,which contours to your body's curves,offering optimal support.Barrel-shaped spring coils are pre-tensioned and hermetically sealed in individual pockets,then individually heat-glued together to form an entire mattress.This isolates movement to one side of the mattress,minimising disturbance to your partner.
    -Silpure is applied to the quilted silk mattress cover to ensure protection against bacteria and provides long lasting freshness during sleep.

    Free Gift King/Queen sizes:
    2 x Latex Pillows
    Mattress Pad
    Free Gift Super-single/Single sizes:
    1xLatex pillow
    Mattress Pad

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