Terms and Conditions

Abandonment & Collections

Merchandise not paid for within 90 days of invoice will be considered abandoned. In addition to any other remedy, Furnituremart.sg shall be entitled to liquidate the merchandise, retain all deposits and apply such proceeds to the unpaid invoiced balances. The purchaser is liable for any collection and legal fees incurred in the collection of unpaid invoices and any storage or related fees.


The terms and conditions set forth herein represent a Furnituremart.sg offer to sell product to the purchaser. The purchaser’s acceptance of a Furnituremart.sg sales order acknowledgement or invoice is an acceptance of these terms and conditions. In the event that the terms and conditions of an order are contrary to the terms and conditions indicated herein, these terms and conditions shall supersede any inconsistent or contrary terms and conditions indicated on the actual order or any other document supplied by the purchaser. A waiver of any one term or condition shall not be deemed a waiver of any other term or condition.


- FURNITUREMART.SG products and components use natural, handmade or recycled materials. These products will therefore have the finishes and inherent properties of such materials. All leather products will have some minimal discoloration, scarring and irregular thickness (resulting in non-linear stitching). Customers acknowledge that they are fully aware of such variations and imperfections inherent in such materials and that these do not constitute defects.

- Regular-priced FURNITUREMART.SG items have a 6 Months Limited Structural Warranty (Warranty) beginning from the date of delivery of the Product, unless otherwise stated. This Warranty does not cover loose joints and wear and tear. If the model that was originally purchased cannot be repaired or replaced, an equivalent model will be offered. This 6 Months Limited Structural Warranty (Warranty) does not cover DIY (Do it yourself) by the customer.

- The Warranty does not cover clearance, “As Is” items, display items and items sold in Warehouse Sales.

- Item replacements for a Warranty claim will only carry the remaining term of the original Warranty.

- Item replacements for a Warranty claim may not be brand new.

- Replacing items under Warranty may take up to 4 weeks, especially for customized products. This is reasonable as FURNITUREMART.SG products take up to 14 days to produce.

- There will be a labour/transport charge of SGD150.00 per service visit per location during the Warranty period except for the first seven (7) days after delivery.

- Warning: Standard leather care products cannot be used on Bonded/Synthetic Leather products. Such leather polishes and cleaners may cause the surface to crack or peel.

- For Genuine as well as Bonded/Synthetic Leather and indoor furniture, prolonged exposure to outdoor conditions or intense sunlight will cause irreparable damage to furniture. All of the above actions will void our Limited Warranty.

- Mattresses have a Ten (10) Year Limited Parts Warranty or as otherwise stated. Free or Discounted mattresses have only a One (1) Year Limited Parts Warranty, regardless of whatever is stated in any pre-packed Warranty card. On-site visits during this Warranty period are chargeable. Sagging or Body Indentation of Two Inches or Less Over sleeping surfaces of mattresses as well as wear and tear are not covered under any Warranty.

-For the hygiene purpose, we are not accetable any return of quilt cover, quilts,mattress and pillows that have been removed from their original packaging , used, stained, torn, washed,and or with traces of fragrance or odours.

- For any Warranty claims, FURNITUREMART.SG has the right to inspect the furniture concerned. Failure to provide access will void all Warranty Obligations.

- FURNITUREMART.SG’s obligations are to the original purchaser/recipient. Any Warranty obligations are voided if title to the furniture is transferred to another party.

- FURNITUREMART.SG’s Warranty does not cover Mattress Protectors, bed platforms, bed slats or services. Bed slats, mattress Protectors and bed platforms are considered consumables.

- Furniture that has been abused and improperly maintained will have its Warranty voided. The use of inappropriate cleaning fluids, for example, will void this Warranty.

- FURNITUREMART.SG’s Warranty is not applicable if the item has been constantly placed outdoors or in a humid environment or in direct sunlight or any aggressive environment, or if the item has been used for non-domestic purposes (unless otherwise stated). The Warranty does not cover   consequential or incidental damages.

- Free gifts are not covered by this Warranty.

- No site visits will be made before photographs (from different angles) of alleged defects in the products are sent to the Company at admin@furnituremart.sg. Customers must provide photograph that are clear, high resolution and non-pixelated.


All claims for workmanship defects, shortages and errors must be made within 48 hours after receipt of the merchandise to “sales@furnituremart.sg.” 

Any repairs or claims must be documented in writing accompanied by photographs and sent to Furnituremart.sg Customer Service.

Payments will not be made for unauthorized repairs. Failure to make a claim within this period of time constitutes acceptance of the merchandise and a waiver of claims.

All merchandise is inspected before delivery. All merchandise is check by the delivery team, and has been picked up in good condition. Third party shippers have sole responsibility for any damage, loss or shortages incurred during transit. Purchasers or their receiving warehouses must inspect the items upon arrival and make claims for any damage, loss or shortages directly to the carrier. Furnituremart.sg is not responsible for any freight related claims, but will assist the purchaser in this process. No merchandise can be returned to Furnituremart.sg without its written consent. Unauthorized returns will be reshipped to the location of origin freight collect. Claims resulting in lawsuits must be filed with the court of competent jurisdiction in Singapore.


The delivery date and time frame that you select online is only tentative. We request for your preference in delivery date and time frame to plan the delivery route, so your order can be delivered at your convenience as a value-added service. You will be informed of the estimated delivery date and time frame before the scheduled delivery if we are unable to keep to your preferred date and time frame. Delivery dates and lead times are estimates only, based on current inventory and production schedules at the time of the order and are subject to change. Production cannot begin and lead times cannot be calculated until the acceptance of the order. Acceptance of the order includes: confirmation of any changes, modifications or approvals to the original order. Furnituremart.sg shall not be held responsible for any delays in production. Furnituremart.sg shall not be liable for any costs related to late deliveries.

In-Home Delivery

In most cases, your item can be deliver directly to you or the end user by a island-wide In House Delivery service. They will place the furniture into the customer’s home and do some slight regulation of fillings. They will not remove doors or move the customer’s old furnishings. If the delivery is deemed difficult, the customer may be asked to sign a damage wavier for their property and the items being delivered. Be sure the furniture ordered will fit into the delivery location!


All orders received from the purchaser with all the correct information will be acknowledged by Furnituremart.sg within 48 hours. Furnituremart.sg reserves the right to reject any order, refund or forfeit any deposit made by the purchaser.